How Jury Selection Differs in the Military & Article 120 Cases

Courts-martial are military courts that try the serious offenses of accused service members. As in civilian courts, a jury sits in on most court-martial cases. However, the selection process differs greatly, especially for Article 120 cases addressing sexual assault and rape. Learn about the differences and how a military defense attorney can help ensure you … Read more

Department of Air Force Instruction 36-3211 7G: Military Separations for cases of Sexual Assault

The Department of the Air Force recently released DAF Instruction 36-3211, which increases support for sexual assualt victims, promotes accountability and prevention, and outlines the discharge steps to be taken for separation.   DAFI 36-3211 7G: Sexual Assault  DAFI 36-3211 describes sexual assault as rape, sexual assault, aggravated sexual contact, abusive sexual contact, or attempts to … Read more

Unprecedented Unaminous Verdict Order Enacted in Military Court during Sexual Assult Trial

An army judge rules to require a unanimous guilty verdict during a sexual assault case, sparking discussion of requiring unanimous verdicts in military court. Military and civilian court cases operate under different sets of laws, processes, and sentencings. These differences include court proceedings and regulations where military courts do not always align with the standard … Read more