BOI – Board of Inquiry – RETAINED (US Army V. CW2 – Fort Cavazos (Fort Hood), Texas)

US Army V. CW2 (Board of Inquiry)

Fort Cavazos (Fort Hood), Texas

This client’s case was a unique one. As he was going through a very contentious divorce child custody proceeding, it came out that somehow his wife obtained his medical records. He reported this case to the proper military authorities and his wife was court-martialed.

During the preliminary hearing, it came out that Client had video taped his soon to be ex-wife in the bathroom and whilst she was in the shower. His intent did not matter to the chain of command. His intent apparently did not matter to the Commanding General as he handed the Client his officially filed GOMOR. His intent only mattered to the Board of Inquiry.

The defense successfully showed that the complaining witness in this case had been videoing confrontations between the two of them. So, the Client opted to set up a camera where they had several confrontations before. He was protecting himself. Nothing more. Unfortunately, some of the video occurred when she was naked in the shower. The Defense also showed that he had a stellar enlisted career, and that he had served well as a Warrant Officer. He had been on numerous deployments. The board found him not guilty of any wrong doing and opted to retain him.

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