Proof lies on him who asserts, not on him who denies. The concept is that one is innocent until proven guilty. Regardless of what the law says about reasonable doubt, there is an unwritten presumption within the ranks of the military that if you are charged with sexual assault, then you are guilty. The stakes are your life! Your military counsel works for the same military that charged you. Consider that as you choose who represents you in your potentially life altering case.

BOI – Board of Inquiry – RETAINED 2

US Army v. CW2 (Board of Inquiry)

Fort Hood, Texas

A 19 year veteran of the United States Army contacted Mr. Jordan because he was facing a BOI. This veteran had worked his way through the enlisted ranks until he felt motivated enough to become a Chief Warrant Officer. He spent his whole career in the food service. 2/3s through his initial tour in Japan, this Warrant Officer came under investigation and scrutiny for several allegations of inappropriate conduct towards local national women. The investigation was a farce. In fact, it was the worst investigation into an officer that Mr. Jordan had ever reviewed. The investigation’s conclusions relied on 3 rd party hearsay. The investigator never interviewed the alleged complaining witnesses himself. He took the word of senior staff officers who allegedly interviewed these women, though they had no notes, or sworn statements to corroborate their claims. What’s worse is the Commanding General that signed off on the eventual General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand, was himself removed from his position due to the alleged mishandling of investigations. Nonetheless, due to the “bad paper” in this officer’s file, a BOI was initiated. Mr. Jordan thoroughly investigated all of the problems and issues with this case. Mr. Jordan was able to find several high ranking officers who were willing to testify on behalf of his Client.

Joseph Jordan is an accomplished, experienced Military Criminal Defense Attorney who specializes in defending ALL service members against violations of the UCMJ. He believes in and seeks out Justice for Soldiers, Sailors, Coast Guardsmen, Airmen and Marines worldwide.




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