Proof lies on him who asserts, not on him who denies. The concept is that one is innocent until proven guilty. Regardless of what the law says about reasonable doubt, there is an unwritten presumption within the ranks of the military that if you are charged with sexual assault, then you are guilty. The stakes are your life! Your military counsel works for the same military that charged you. Consider that as you choose who represents you in your potentially life altering case.

Why Hire Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law

Trusted Representation for Service Members

When you are facing criminal charges as a military member, you have a lot on the line. Without the representation of an aggressive, understanding and experienced military advocate, your career and livelihood could be on the line. The moment you are arrested or questioned by an OSI, NCIS, CID or CGIS investigator, you need to immediately contact Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law. At our firm, we are proud to provide outstanding legal counsel to military members and help them achieve favorable outcomes for their case. We will work diligently to protect your good name, your rank and your honor.

After an arrest, it is vitally important that you hire an attorney who has been in the service themselves. Our founding attorney, Joseph L. Jordan, was a prior service member for 11 years and truly understands the cases and charges that you may be facing. As a former member of the United States Army, he prides himself in being relatable to all clients. Attorney Jordan understands working-class blue collar individuals and can see eye-to-eye with hard-working individuals. At Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law, we want to tell your story and will work diligently to ensure that your case reaches a favorable outcome.

Attorney Jordan has successfully defended military members in every branch of the military and ensured that their rights and freedoms are protected at court martials and other formal disciplinary proceedings. In 2015 alone, Attorney Jordan and his team obtained numerous victories for clients in Court Martial cases, Board of Inquiries, Administrative Separation Board hearings, Article 15 hearings, Investigations, and General Memorandum of Reprimands.


Attorney Jordan is a member of the American Bar Association, Arkansas Bar Association, Criminal Law Section and Litigation Section of the American Bar Association as well as the Military Law Section for the Texas Bar Association.

His experience in the Armed Forces is extensive, with past services including:

  • Enlisted in the Army as an 92a, Automated Logistics Engineer
  • Commissioned in the Army as an Air Defense Artillery Officer
  • Army JAG (served in the following capacities)
    • Legal Assistance Attorney
    • Chief of Claims
    • Operational Law Attorney
    • Interim Chief of Justice
    • Army Prosecutor in Korea
    • Army Prosecutor at Fort Hood

Worldwide Representation for Service Members

No matter where you are stationed at in the world, Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law can help defend you against numerous criminal accusations and courts martial cases. Bases throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and the Pacific, Africa and the Americans and U.S. territories are all accessible to our firm and we can take immediate action to defend your case. When you are arrested, you have a lot on the line. The military is your livelihood, your career and if you are convicted, you may lose rank or be discharged from your branch of military.

A dishonorable or less-than-honorable discharge could cause serious complications in a civilian life, too. At Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law, we are committed to protected and defending the rights of those who protect and serve our country.

Contact the firm today to speak with an experienced military defense attorney, or feel free to view some of the firm's informative videos, including the following:

Or you can view the other videos by Attorney Joseph L. Jordan by viewing his YouTube.com profile.

Why Hire Attorney Joseph L. Jordan?

  • A Winning Track Record in Difficult Cases

  • Exclusive Experience In All Military Defense Matters

  • We Are Available to Discuss Your Case 24/7

  • We Defend Service Members Around the Globe

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