Who am I, where do I come from? I’m a simple man from Kansas, really. I grew up in the Midwest. My family's all farmers including my father, even though he ran his own business as a veterinarian. And I served. I joined the army at age 17, and as an enlisted soldier and the Army Reserves. I got the opportunity to take an ROTC scholarship. I graduated undergrad at 23 years, went to law school, and while I was in law school I served in the Army Reserves as an officer. I was branched air defense artillery, and then I eventually became an army judge advocate and spent five years on that active duty. I was in the Army for seven years and I worked in the military justice system - we need that. I did the prosecution side, I also was a court reporter and I deployed twice. So I have those things that I can relate to when we talk to potential clients to assist him and getting a win on each case. So Tasha Carnahan is a veteran like myself. She made staff sergeant which is E-6 in the Army in six years which is absolutely incredible. It's almost unheard of. And she did that because she's confident and because she knows what she is doing. And she's been a paralegal for almost 17 years. She understands the client, but in particular having been an enlisted member in the United States Army, having been a soldier in the United States Army, she understands soldiers. So she brings that relatability, helps them understand “hey I know what you're going through and this is how we're going to handle your problem.