Sexual Assault – Military Sexual Assault – NOT GUILTY 4

U.S. Army v. E-6, (Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault of a Minor, Assault, Obstruction of Justice) (4 Specifications of Article 120,

Fort Hood, Texas

“You want to see evil, just you wait, I’ll show you evil! If they assume what I am, then why not show them what I am! I am doing this just to do it.” These were the words of the alleged victim during the course of the investigation into this case. When this case was originally investigated, Client was about to drop his retirement paperwork and he was under going a medical evaluation board. Client had served his country honorably as a combat medic. He had deployed several times and suffered through more than a few IED attacks. When these horrendous allegations were levied against him he had a mental break down. We asked for an evaluation to be conducted to see if he would be fit for trial. Seeing that the medical professionals deemed Client unfit for trial, we requested an abatement of the trial which was granted. After 4 months of treatment, Client was released and the Court-Martial was turned back on. The alleged victim sent the defense a memo stating that she did not want to participate in this case. Then the defense found out that even she was made to take the stand, she would lie. She did end up coming to the trial and testifying. The defense was able to successfully cross examine the alleged victim in this case by challenging her on her incredible claims. She reported that she had been raped over a 100 times. She reported the rapes occurred when her mother was at work. She reported she had been raped on her parent’s bed and at times, while even on her menstrual cycle. Yet, she could not consistently or definitively report what specifically happened to her the first time, the last time or at any time she alleges that she was raped. There was no physical evidence to corroborate her claims. Client’s wife consistently reported that there was no funny smells from the sheets when she came home. There was no freshly washed clothes or sheets. There were no bloody towels. There were no bloody sheets. There was no DNA. There was no physical evidence of any kind save apparent lies of the alleged victim in this case

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