Sexual Assault – Military Sexual Assault – Case Dismissed

US Navy V. E-3 JOINT BASE, (Sexual Assault, Article 120)

San Antonio, Fort Sam Houston Texas

Client was finishing his technical training at Joint Base San Antonio when he was accused of sexual assault. One of the Client’s female instructors was the accuser and she alleged sexual assault. As the investigation progressed the Command backed down from Court Martial charges for sexual assault. The Command’s next step was to read the Client for an Article 15. As the investigation progressed, the Command began to realize that the tables had actually turned. The Command realized that that the accuser was actually flirting with my Client. It was the accuser who was in the wrong and was motivated for various reasons to make a false claim. After reviewing all of the evidence that we presented to the Command, the Command ultimately dropped ALL OF THE CHARGES. It is interesting to point out that normally investigators would have enough for at least sexual harassment in a case such as this.

Effectively showing that the alleged victims are bold face liars is often the best, and only way to success in cases of alleged sexual assault. Lastly, and most importantly, my Client listened and followed my advice without question. Accordingly, my Client achieved the best possible result in his case.

Result: Charges Dropped, Article 15 Dropped, No Punishment! This young man gets to start his new career in the Navy!

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