Military Sexual Assault – Charge (Article 120, Sexual Assault) – NOT GUILTY! (U.S. Army v. E-2)

Fort Johnson (Used to be Fort Polk)

U.S. Army v. E-2

Charge (Article 120, Sexual Assault)


Our client was charged with sexually assaulting a female that he met on Tinder months prior. The alleged assault took place near a pond behind a local bar. Careful investigation into this case showed us that most of her friends didn’t find her to be a credible person. Further the stories she told after the fact were indeed stories and not the truth. Our client had a sexual encounter with her months prior. They randomly ran into each other at the bar and one thing led to another. When the interaction was about to lead to intercourse, our client declined, and the alleged victim claimed rape. We carefully investigated this case. We investigated the background of the alleged victim and found out that she was married to a Soldier and dating multiple other Soldiers. She never revealed that fact to our client. On the stand I caught her in several very critical lies. Our investigation also turned up a key witness for our client. One of the platoon squad leaders was at the bar that night and testified that the alleged victim was all over our client. He testified that she was heavy petting over the cloths, that she flirted with our client and that she followed him around the bar. Finally, our client willingly took the stand and told his account of what happened.

NOT GUILTY was the result. We carefully investigated the scene. We visited the bar at night, walked the grounds, took photos, and got a good feel for the area up against the story the alleged victim told. It is vitally important to visit the scenes of the alleged crime as it gives important perspective on the case. We interviewed the managing bar tender, and she also gave us a personal tour of the grounds. Ultimately the panel got it right in this case. Too many young women are weaponizing sexual assault against our young Soldiers. We continue to stand in the gap to defend the innocent.




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