Larceny – General Military Crimes – FULL ACQUITTAL (U.S. Coast Guard v. E-7 – Mayport Naval Station, Florida)

U.S. Coast Guard v. E-7 (LARCENY)

Mayport Naval Station, Florida

The Coast Guard accused Mr. Jordan’s Client of stealing and wrongfully appropriating over $12,000 worth of specialized Coast Guard equipment.

Coast Guard approached this case with the mindset of securing a conviction. The Coast Guard ensured that the Command Master Chief for the convening authority in this case was on the client’s Courts-Martial panel. Additionally, several Chief’s and Chief Petty Officers working directly under the Command Master Chief were included on the total panel of 10. Lastly, several officers, who were rated by the convening authority, were included on the panel. Thru skillful questioning, Mr. Jordan successfully brought the panel down from 10 to 3 panel members.

The Coast Guard opted to prosecute this case instead of taking a look at the unit’s internal property accountability procedures. None of the property Client allegedly stole was accurately reflected on the books. But that is not the whole story.

Client is a highly skilled, 20-year veteran of the Coast Guard. Unfortunately, his skills rubbed his superiors the wrong way. When he PCS’d, he left in a hurry. As he arrived to his next duty station he found out there was an investigation into missing equipment at his previous unit. The unit did not call him to inform him. He found out from a friend. So, in order to help, the Client immediately called his previous Command and left a message. No one answered and no one called back. Instead, the Command called the Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS).

CGIS was only interested in investigating Mr. Jordan’s Client and failed to properly investigate for evidence that would exonerate the Client. The fact that the equipment was found and returned to the unit was of no consequence to CGIS, the Coast Guard or the Government as those agencies’ only interest was to find the Client guilty – With or Without proper evidence!

Result: Full Acquittal! This was achieved through skillful cross-examination of property accountability officer, and members of Client’s previous command whose only concern was to attempt to ruin Mr. Jordan’s Client career out of incompetence and jealousy.

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