Larceny, BAH Fraud – General Military Crimes – Case Dismissed (U.S. Army v. SGT – Fort Liberty (Fort Bragg), NC)

U.S. Army v. SGT (Article 121, Larceny, BAH Fraud)

Fort Liberty (Fort Bragg), NC

This non-commissioned officer had been in the service for almost five years, and was notified by CID that he was under investigation for BAH Fraud. Since he had been in the service for almost a handful of years he knew the rules and regulations as it pertains to BAH and never attempted to break them. When the SGT PCS’ed from Germany, his ex-wife moved to another state, he continued on with his career at his new duty station and began a new relationship. Since he was an E5 he was allowed to live off the installation with a non-dependent rate, which is what he was given. CID was issued a tip (by his ex-wife) that he was committing BAH Fraud. The SGT contacted our office and after consulting with us, he hired us, and we informed him not to speak with CID or anyone in his chain of command regarding this investigation. He complied with our directives. Our client had less than a year left on his contract. He provided us with the evidence we needed and maintained his 5 th amendment right to remain silent.

Result: After five months of “investigating” CID finally dropped the case. Our client was able to finish out his contract and leave the service honorably. No Charges Brought!

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