BOI – Board of Inquiry – HONORABLE DISCHARGE RECOMMENDATION (US Army v. Warrant Officer – Fort Cavazos (Fort Hood), Texas)

US Army v. Warrant Officer (Board of Inquiry)

Fort Cavazos (Fort Hood), Texas

This officer had a very unique career arc. He first started off in the Navy, where he ended up working in White House Communications for a long period of time. His service encompassed the overlap of two different serving Presidents. Then he decided to switch services in order to serve his country in a more visceral way. He ended up at Fort Cavazos (Fort Hood) Texas and completed three deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Suffice it to say, his last deployment was particularly difficult on him and was the eventual cause of the reasoning behind the Show Cause Board. When Mr. Jordan got involved he immediately noticed that there were some medical issues with his client. He asked if his client was seeking treatment which he was. However, he had not started the medical evaluation board process. Mr. Jordan helped him kick start the process. This officer was able to complete the medical board process in time for his BOI hearing. Without going through much detail about this case, it is enough to say that the Board was very reasonable in considering his overall career. The Board also considered the medical board’s diagnosis and recommendations. The Board took all factors presented by Mr. Jordan and his co-counsel into consideration and recommended an Honorable Discharge from the Army. The key take way for recommendations from a Board is that the approval authority cannot execute a harsher characterization of service then what the Board recommends.

Result: Honorable Discharge Recommendation. Overall disposition pending due to MEB findings.

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