Article 15 – Wrongful Drug Use – Article 112a – Adverse Military Administrative Actions – NOT GUILTY!

U.S. Army v. E-3 (Article 112a) Wrongful Ingestion of a Controlled Substance

Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA), Texas

Our client was the star student in her AIT Class. One day she was experiencing extreme pain during her cycle. She unwittingly grabbed the wrong bottle of prescription pills and took his oxytocin. She had prescriptions that were similar…and she accidently grabbed his. She popped hot on a routine urinalysis.

We worked with the investigators and the chain of command for months to get to the right answer for this Soldier. Ultimately the Brigade Commander decided to find her not guilty and retain her in the Military. She will now be allowed to continue her career.

Case Result: NOT GUILTY!

Mr.Jordan has an established reputation as an aggressive military defense attorney who has successfully fought for justice for his clients in sexual assault/ rape cases, UCMJ violations and more.



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