Article 15 – Adverse Military Administrative Actions – Case Dismissed

U.S. Army v. SSG (Article 15)


Originally our client contacted us during the investigation phase of his case; however, despite our advise, he opted to wait. Nonetheless, he listened to our initial advise from our consultation and did not give a statement to the authorities, which later put him in a better position. Our client then brought Mr. Jordan on board once he received his initial Field Grade Article 15 reading. Our client was charged with one count of assault against his wife (domestic violence). His command, as many do, granted a small delay in the proceedings to allow Mr. Jordan to assist him with his defense. After reviewing the poor investigation conducted by the military police and the sworn statement from the complaining witness, our client was finally able to give his side of the story through Mr. Jordan’s assistance, guidance and oversight. Additionally, our team was able to conduct witness interviews. One witness provided a written statement while the other was able to testify to the commander. The statement from the Soldier, witnesses statements/testimony, and character letters were submitted to the battalion commander at the second Article 15 hearing.

Result: The battalion commander found him not guilty, and the Article 15 was dismissed.

Testimonial from client: “…thankfully my life will get back to normal soon. Thank you so much for your patience and assistance during this process. It was a quick process but you worked hard to ensure that I was equipped with what I needed to be successful.”

Mr.Jordan has an established reputation as an aggressive military defense attorney who has successfully fought for justice for his clients in sexual assault/ rape cases, UCMJ violations and more.



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