15-6 Command Directed Investigation – Adverse Military Administrative Actions – Case Dismissed

United States Army v. O-6 (15-6 Command Directed Investigation)

Fort Jackson, South Carolina

Client was asked to respond to Investigating Officers findings that the Client had an unhealthy command climate, unfair treatment of subordinates, and retaliation of the chain of command. The findings were seemingly detailed and were 6 pages long. Mr. Jordan carefully considered all of the factors that lead to the investigating officers findings. Mr. Jordan and his team thoroughly and expertly picked apart the findings of this investigation. Mr. Jordan’s team drafted a 13 page response, a legal review, and provided 45 attachments detailing and supporting the conclusions that drastically opposed the Investigating Officers findings. The investigating officer was sloppy. He picked and chose what was important without any proper analysis. It was also apparent that race played an unfortunate role in this case. The officers complaining about the Client were white. Client is African American. Obvious contradictions were not explored or even considered by the investigating officer.

Result: The Investigation was thrown out.

Mr.Jordan has an established reputation as an aggressive military defense attorney who has successfully fought for justice for his clients in sexual assault/ rape cases, UCMJ violations and more.



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