The Guantanamo war court has assigned a new judge to the long-delayed case of terrorism suspect Majid Khan. Army Col. Tara A. Osborn, who recently gained notoriety for handling the Fort Cavazos (Fort Hood) spree shooting case, will now oversee Khan's forthcoming guilty plea, currently scheduled for 2019.

As the Miami Herald reports, Khan (who is currently being held in Gitmo) pleaded guilty to war crimes in 2012, including providing material support for terrorism. Khan is linked to the terrorist bombing of a Jakarta, Indonesia hotel that killed 81 people. His guilty plea also includes allegations of murder and spying.

Khan's case remains in limbo, however, due to a number of complications. He has agreed to work with the CIA as an informant, however, the classification of his principle charge, "providing material support," is not considered a legitimate war crime. Khan was also included in controversial Senate Intelligence Committee Torture Report that revealed he had been subject to several torture treatments since his detainment in Gitmo began in March 2003.


Army Col. Tara A. Osborn has earned a reputation as one of the most notable military judges in the post-911 era. Beyond the Fort Cavazos (Fort Hood) case, she is the recipient of a Global War on Terrorism Service Medal for her work related to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. She also served in Europe and Asia during Operation Desert Storm and garnered two Kuwait Liberation medals. For her work as a legal adviser and assistant operations officer to a tank brigade HQ, she is known as one of the only lawyers to cross into the Iraq during that conflict.

The next scheduled Khan hearing will occur in May. It is expected that Osborn will submit to questioning in order to determine her eligibility to see Khan's case through to conclusion.

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