Last week, the Oklahoma Bar Association hosted Attorney Joseph Jordan at the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Inn of Court. Attorney Jordan was invited to enlighten the local legal community on the critical differences between civilian and military trials and the best practices in preparing defense strategies for a Court Martial.

Attorney Jordan's presentation counted as a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit for all attendees: a required effort of all bar-associated lawyers to stay abreast of new legal concepts, laws, precedents, and issues. The audience included both Federal and State Court Judges, as well as local criminal defense attorneys.

Military justice is not a widely-practiced branch of the law. Few criminal defense lawyers are versed in the required protocols and laws that make up the Uniform Code of Military Justice and this is to the disadvantage of many of our service members. While all of them do have a choice in defense counsel when they are accused of a crime, capable civilian defense counsel is not always readily available.

Attorney Jordan is proud to have contributed to the knowledge and awareness to all attendees. As he puts it, it was an "an honor and a privilege" to speak at the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Inn of Court and connect with the Oklahoma legal community.

If you are a military service member that has been accused of a criminal act or is facing an adverse administrative action, you can still fight to defend your future, career, and reputation. Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law is a proven and nationally-renowned military defense lawyer. He has traveled the globe to protect the rights of our military service members and built his reputation on securing favorable results.


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A military attorney performs many of the same duties as his civilian counterpart. The difference is that the attorney works for and with military personnel. Military legal personnel participate in court proceedings in courtrooms on military bases all across the globe.