The Navy is stepping up its efforts to curb sexual assaults on its bases by adding more informational and engaging training sessions. This is in addition to revising its policies on reporting, investigating, and prosecuting sexual assaults. They have also put better protections in place for victims.

The Navy has spent the last few years working to reduce the amount of incidents of sexual misconduct, however, such incident reports have been on the rise recently. The Pentagon stated in May 2014 that reports of alleged sexual assault among all branches of the military rose from 3,374 to 5,061 from 2012 to 2013. In the Navy specifically, reports rose from 726 to 1,057 within the same time span.


Educational seminars over the last few years have focused on alcohol abuse and how it pertains to rape and sexual assault. This year, the presentation concerned communication and sexuality among officers. Soldiers are also being trained to intervene when necessary to prevent assaults.

Though the Navy is citing its increased emphasis on abusive behavior among its officers as a success, critics have casts doubts on just how well the Navy is evaluating its new program's effectiveness. Kathryn Holland of the University of Michigan found that the methods used to curtail misbehavior has been inconsistent across the branches and the conclusions reached by the Pentagon have been too general.

Regardless of the actual figures, commanders and officers alike have been approving the more engaging presentations.

However, the reality of the situation is that there is more awareness on how to report allegations of sexual assault then ever before. In trial, during voir dire, Mr. Jordan is routinely finding out that military jury members don't necessarily believe that sexual assaults are on the rise or even that sexual assault is a bigger problem today then it was in years past. The difference is that there is a more informed awareness on how to report, and who to report to. So, because of this increased awareness, it begs to question, whether or not it is easier for a person, who engages in regretted drunken sex and then reports, really has a legitimate claim. Is it an out for a bad mistake or a legitimate claim?

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