The Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) is a federal agency that has the full power to conduct criminal investigations, act in a federal law enforcement capacity and provide counter-intelligence services to the Air Force, Department of Defense and the U.S. Government as a whole. The AFOSI's mission is "to identify, exploit and neutralize criminal, terrorist and intelligence threats" to any of the above-mentioned organizations.

If you are being investigated by the AFOSI, you need to hire a court martial defense attorney now. The charges that can stem from an AFOSI investigation will often lead to serious and life-altering penalties such as lengthy prison time and dishonorable discharge, along with all of the consequences that go along with that. You do not want to be facing criminal charges or have your esteemed career tarnished by false accusations.

If you are under investigation or are being interrogated by an AFOSI officer you do have Article 31 rights and it is strongly advise you exercise those rights. Do not speak with investigators without first seeking counsel from an experienced court martial defense attorney.

An AFOSI investigator may lead you to believe that you are required to give your testimony or speak to them about your potential involvement. Rest assured that you are under no such legal obligation. You have right to remain silent, to have an attorney present during questioning, to terminate or exit an interrogation at any time, and to decline permission for a requested search.

Take a proactive approach to your own defense. Hire a proven court martial defense attorney who is former military and a strong advocate for the rights of those military members accused of committing a crime. Attorney Jordan believes that those men and women who have dedicated their lives to defending our country deserve to have someone fighting on their behalf.

As a former member of the military he understands all that you stand to lose if you are convicted of a criminal offense as a result of an AFOSI investigation. With Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law on your side you stand a much great chance of being able to clear your good name and be absolved of all charges. Contact his firm today so that he can review your AFOSI case and advise you of the immediate actions you can take in your own defense.