What you want, is an attorney that believes in you and believes in your case. You want someone that is experienced because what comes with experience is judgment and the ability to make the right calls at the right time in difficult portions of your case. Our firm services soldiers in the Army, Airmen in the Air Force, sailors in the Navy, Marines in the Marine Corps, and Coast Guardsmen in the Coast Guard. Individuals who have served any length of period of time, most of them are deployed, they've just done a lot for their country. Why we do this business is to ensure that the service member has the opportunity to succeed. We're here to represent them, to assist them, and to give them the best possible representation - because they deserve it, and they don't always get it. Because a lot of clients, when they don't know what they're doing, they make mistakes. And we want to prevent that, right? We want to shape the battlefield so that we have an opportunity to win for them.

A military attorney performs many of the same duties as his civilian counterpart. The difference is that the attorney works for and with military personnel. Military legal personnel participate in court proceedings in courtrooms on military bases all across the globe.