My advice to a client that has been charged with sex crimes is one don't say anything. Start their right to remain silent and to call an attorney and understand what their rights are and how they can approach the case to achieve victory. One of the most important things that a potential client should consider in hiring an attorney is looking at their experience and looking at how they approach a case. Experience matters because with experience comes in judgment and what you want is an attorney that believes in you and believes in your case. And so we've defended just about every sex crime you could possibly imagine. There are scenarios where you look at a case and you say wow you've been interrogated, you waived your rights, you have made a statement, you put yourself at the crime. I had a situation where the client said yeah I tied her up, yeah we had sex on the bed, yes it was in her barracks room. And so that's a difficult case. It's an extremely difficult case. A lot of people would have pled that young man guilty, they would have convinced him to plead guilty. They would’ve said you need to plead guilty. We tried that case, we won that case. There's always light at the end of the Tunnel. You just gotta find it.