One of the most important things that a potential client should consider in hiring an attorney is looking at their experience. Experience matters because with experience comes the judgment, their ability to be in the moment and make the right call at the right time. Because you can do all the preparation possible for a case and then you get thrown and audible in the courtroom. The judge does something that you don't necessarily expect. And so you have to make the right calls in the right moment. That's what you're looking at. You're looking at someone that’s tried, you know, over one hundred and thirty five cases in all five services, in seven countries, and states all across the United States. Doesn't matter where I'm at in the world, if you call in, my staff's gonna give me a ring and they're gonna say “hey we have a potential client that has an issue”. And I could be in Germany I’m going to pick up the phone and I’m gonna call you. Over the last seven years, I practiced in Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, Army, Marines - all successfully. And you learn each service is a little different, each service has different nuances and that’s really important too, to understand who your audience is, right? You know that you have to invoice that you have to use that in your advocating for your clients what a client can expect from me is someone is going to be honest with them. Someone's going to be aggressive in addressing their issues in their case. Someone's gonna be competent.


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