So another type of case that we see, we're seeing a lot of boards of inquiry right now. Boards of inquiry are those administrative actions for officers. Boards of inquiry are usually initiated on officers who have received some sort of reprimand or administrative action that is put in their official file, their official military file. Sometimes it's a valuation that's a bad evaluation. Sometimes it's a reprimand. It could be a variety of things. And so if you haven't had sufficient time to recover or Rehabilitate, then they're gonna turn around and issue what's called a board Inquiry. Where you have to show cause why you should not be separated from the Military. And so what you're doing is one you could be fighting the underlying offense, or two you could be showing how you have rebuilt, rehabilitated, and three you could be showing this is the service I've given to my country. I got a Bronze Star with V device. I have, you know, I got a meritorious service medal. What it is that you've done for your country because that also feeds into any potential rehabilitation that could be used in your favor. Recently there's been a cut down on the forces and they're really very critical about the officers that they're keeping and progressing. And so we're seeing a lot of those types of cases and some of those cases actually started with in the army and particularly the start with what's called a referred 15 six. The officer if they get a referred 15 six so the 15 six is a investigatio