Some Marines to Be Discharged Before Holiday Season

Some Marines may get an early Christmas present this year, coming in the form of early release from active duty. On November 4 th, it was posted in a Marine administrative message that Marines that are scheduled to separate from active duty between December 15 th and January 5 th and are usually granted leave for the holiday season can be released from the forces as early as December 12 th.

Are you eligible for early release?

The Early Release Policy is enacted in order to save the government money on travel expenses and prevent military members from constant and unnecessary travel during the holidays. Since 2006, this program has prevented hundreds of Marines from having to travel back to their duty station for final processing after returning home for their leave.

There are a number of factors that influence whether or not Marines will be discharged, including:

  • Where they are permanently
  • If there is any sign of post-traumatic stress or brain injury, requiring a health evaluation
  • Extensions of active duty
  • Medical hold
  • Transfer to the Fleet Marine Corps reserve or retire list
  • Terminal leave

To qualify, Marines must have settled all service debt and completed pre-separation counseling and the Transition Assistance Program employment workshop at least 90 days before their release.

What can prevent a Marine from receiving leave?

If a Marine is stationed outside the United States and its territories, they are not eligible for early leave. Additionally, Marines whose absence would result in difficultly with the operational command of their unit are also ineligible for early leave.

However, this is not all good news for Marines. Early release may affect some pay or GI Bill benefits that rely on 10 years of active duty to qualify, including how these benefits are transferred to their dependents.

Are you wondering how early release can affect your benefits or receiving bonuses? Contact Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law as soon as possible. The firm can help explain what you should know about the Early Release Policy and how you can be sure you receive the benefits you deserve for your service.