Army's Top Sexual Assault Prosecutor Is Suspended Following Allegation of Sexual Assault

Lt. Col. Joseph "Jay" Morse made a name for himself as the top sexual assault prosecutor in the U.S. Army – until he himself was accused of sexual assault.

The Army is currently investigating the allegation that has been made against Morse, who is currently suspended while the investigation is under way. The allegation was made by another Army lawyer who worked for him when he was over nearly two dozen other special victim prosecutors. She claims that Morse attempted to kiss and grope her against her will in a hotel room at a sexual-assault legal conference more than two years ago.

Lt. Col. Morse's allegations and suspension follow an announcement made by the Army in February stating that 588 troops and employees in "positions of trust," such as sexual assault response personnel, had been suspended for suspected offenses including sexual assault.

Nancy Parrish, president of Protect Our Defenders, stated in the following in an email:

"If true, this case is yet another disheartening example of the hollow pledges of 'zero tolerance' we have heard for more than 20 years. When the military has those at top of the chain who are in charge of fighting sexual assault accused of sexual misconduct at a conference on sexual assault it should be clear to every level headed human being [that] the status quo must be changed."

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