Pentagon officials have recently reported that complaints filed against military brass – or commissioned officers – and senior civilian officials for sexual misconduct are on a noticeable rise. Between the years of 2015 and 2017, the reports spiked a total of 13%, or up to a total of 803. It has been noted that the increase in reports coincides with a marginal increase in the number of “proven allegations” and substantiated investigative work.

The United States Armed Forces and the Pentagon have long held its stance that sexual misconduct within its organizations and ranks is strictly prohibited and penalized. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, an Armed Services Committee member, responded to the report of misbehavior on the rise by slamming the Pentagon’s efforts. Senator Gillibrand is currently backing legislation that would disallow military officers from choosing when to move cases to court martial. If the legislation in discussion were to become law, the choice to court martial and penalize military offenders could either be assigned to a third-party agency or become mandatory in all cases.

Some of the recent alleged cases of sexual misconduct include Major General Joseph Harrington and Admiral John Richardson. The former, who has been accused of inappropriate and sexually-charged communications with a lesser officer’s spouse, was recalled from his post for possible discipline. The latter allegedly became intoxicated at a holiday party and groped a partygoer; he has since been reassigned.

(More information can be found about this ongoing story by clicking here and reading a full article posted by Stars And Stripes®, a popular military news outlet.)

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