A female trainee at Fort Moore (Fort Benning) in western Georgia has accused a drill sergeant of sexual assault. In response, the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command and the Maneuver Center of Excellence has begun a criminal investigation. The drill sergeant accused by the trainee and several others have already been suspended until further notice and investigational progress.

The report filed by the trainee originally only spoke of one drill sergeant allegedly engaging in sexual misconduct, abuse, and assault. However, the early stages of the Criminal Investigation Command’s inquiry apparently uncovered more questionable acts by the same drill sergeant and others, prompting the multiple suspensions. A statement from the investigating agency noted that the drill sergeants would not be able to have any contact or communication with trainees and new arrivals so long as the investigation was pending. A question of drill sergeant conduct has been raised following the accusations since the reports were filed shortly after the first female graduating class completed infantry training at Fort Moore (Fort Benning).

The actual number of suspended drill sergeants and accusatory reports has not yet been released to the public. The identities of all parties have also remained entirely confidential. It is most likely a precautionary decision to prevent the inadvertent jeopardizing of the investigation. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the drill sergeants could face criminal charges and discipline following a court martial.

(For more information regarding this ongoing story, inquiring parties can click here to view a full article posted by Stars And Stripes®, a popular military story newsgroup.)

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