As part of our engagement with military law practice area, we at Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law frequently try to highlight military stories that shine a light on urgent issues, injustices, and crises within the armed forces. The issues and concerns vary, but what they all have in common is that they feature hardworking servicemen and women who volunteer their time, talents, and often their well-being to protect American lives and freedoms.

With Veteran's Day 2015 here, our firm thought that now would be the perfect time not only to show our own appreciation but also encourage all the different ways that we, as civilians, can show our appreciation and support:

  • Consider a veteran for employment. Whether you are running a small business or charged with hiring for a larger corporation, hiring a veteran may seem like a risk. There is a prevalent perception that vets are likely to be traumatized and unreliable in some way—but the truth is that they are far more likely to be intelligent, capable individuals that are ready to be an asset to their employer. And if they did have a less-than-honorable discharged from the service, ask them about it. The military isn't perfect in its separation policies and a less-than-honorable discharge should no longer be an automatic deal-breaker during the hiring process.
  • Give to a charitable organization. A lot of reputable organizations are doing incredible work for veterans who need help once returning to civilian life. There's the Wounded Warrior Project that provides wounded soldiers the resources they need to re-acclimate themselves to civilian life. The Fisher House Foundation helps vets and their families with housing, flights, scholarships, and other programs. No matter where you live or what your interests are, there is a charitable foundation ready to turn your donation into important work for veterans in need. For a list of reputable charities, see this list from Charity Navigator.
  • Say thanks. Not every military vet needs a helping hand upon leaving the service—most of them are able to quickly transition to healthy, productive civilian lives. However, that doesn't mean that their service should go unrecognized by friends, family, neighbors, and their community. If there's a veteran in your life, take a moment to thank them for their service. Whether they boldly put their lives on the line or were one of the countless other servicemembers that make the military function at the highest of levels, they deserve our gratitude.
  • Remember veterans beyond Veterans' Day. It's great that we have a day on a calendar to remind us to reflect on the service and sacrifices of military veterans, but it's more crucial to remember that this community deserves our attention all year round. Keep these considerations close to you so that when you are in a position to help or say thanks—no matter what day it is—the opportunity does not pass.

The team at Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law would like to thank all of those who have served or continue to serve in our armed forces. Enough gratitude for contributions, protection, and sacrifices cannot be given.

If you are a military servicemember facing a criminal charge or adverse administrative action, it is possible to get a proven and dedicated advocate on your side. Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law has more than a decade of experience in the Army and now travels the world to protect the rights of accused U.S. military servicemembers stationed all over the world.

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A military attorney performs many of the same duties as his civilian counterpart. The difference is that the attorney works for and with military personnel. Military legal personnel participate in court proceedings in courtrooms on military bases all across the globe.