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November 3, 2014

What happens when a person commits a crime for the potential betterment of another person? The recent influx of immigrants along the border of Mexico is associated with gang-related violence in South America, and many women, children, and families are seeking asylum and protection from these conditions. Recently, three American soldiers were arrested on charges of transporting and harboring undocumented immigrants along the Texas border.


One of the soldiers was arrested on September 11 after it was said that he attempted to smuggle undocumented immigrants past an immigration checkpoint. It was reported that he was wearing his military uniform and driving a non-military truck. Officials checked the vehicle and discovered two immigrants hidden under a bed sheet and military jacket with the soldier's name on it.

The other two soldiers brought up on charges were arrested earlier in the year. The soldiers are accused of engaging in human smuggling, which is the deliberate importation of people into a country with the purpose to evade immigration laws. Human smuggling can involve the actual act of bringing an undocumented immigrant into a country, or transporting and harboring those that have already made it into the country.

The soldiers are charged with one count of conspiracy to transport and harbor undocumented immigrants and six counts of transporting undocumented immigrants. Each of the soldiers faces 10 years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine.

Members of our nation's military are held to high moral and legal standards. However, soldiers are only human, and make mistakes just as any civilian would. When soldiers are accused of crimes, they need an attorney that understands the complexity of their position as military members and citizens of the United States. Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law defends service members across the country and worldwide against a variety of military charges. Contact the firm to discuss your case.

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