Joseph L. Jordan, Attorney at Law has established himself as an experienced and effective military criminal defense lawyer. As a former Army enlisted soldier, Army combat arms officer, and Army JAG Corps officer, Attorney Jordan understands the importance of protecting the name and rank of service members facing criminal charges.

Throughout his years focusing on military criminal defense, Attorney Jordan has worked with a diverse set of clients from all walks of life. Although his office is based in Texas, he works with service men and women from all branches of the military wherever they may be stationed. His willingness to travel the globe to provide high-quality representation to military members sets Attorney Jordan apart from other military criminal defense attorneys.

As a former enlisted soldier, Attorney Jordan is familiar with the demands of military life. His practice is built on exceeding expectations for clients, and on supporting them through these challenges, whether they are stationed in the United States or abroad. He is willing to travel across the world to represent clients in search of skilled, experienced, and proven representation. You can learn more about the bases he serves, by clicking here.

The fact that Attorney Jordan has already been chosen by service members across the globe speaks volumes about his legal abilities, and his willingness to always put the needs of clients first. Service members who wish to protect their freedom and future continually place their trust in Attorney Jordan. If you or someone you know would like more information about retaining Attorney Jordan's services while overseas, we encourage you to contact our firm to discuss your case.

To learn more about your case and how Attorney Jordan can help, contact our firm by calling (866) 624-7503 or filling out a free case evaluation form.